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It's the last night in California.
Tomorrow with the dawn,
I'll be heading for Arizona.
Gotta be travelin' on.

Across the Mojave Desert,
land of sand and stone,
from the Past, on through the Present,
gotta be travelin' on.

It never is as lonely,
on the Road, and on your own,
as livin' a life that's phoney,
or lovin' a heart like stone.

The desert can be confusin'
when you cross its sandy floor,
through Lordsburg, and Las Cruces.
But I've been there before.

I'll pass on through El Paso,
Sonora, and San Antone.
Across the South to the Ocean,
I'll be travelin' on.

Followin' the Wanderer's urge,
the endless search for rest.
I'll stop where the waters merge,
on the white sands of Key West.
...on the white sands of Key West.

(©-1997-"Future Folk" Music-Betty Curtis)