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This is for an often misunderstood figure on the Long Road.


The coming of death was not sudden.
It was happening through the years,
In many ways that were hidden.
In many nights of tears.
Many a Noble Warrior,
wears blame, as well as praise.
Every mile that's forward,
leaves loss along the way.

The Noble Warrior does not complain.
Though they carry the glory, they know the pain.
No medal of man can give them worth.
It is in their soul from time of birth.

Bearing the load of losses.
Enduring the sorrow and pain.
The Warrior knows what the cost is,
in memory that remains.
A Noble Warrior knows,
not all are like their kind.
The sword brings many unseen blows,
to the soldier's heart and mind.

The Noble Warrior will not complain,
whatever Life has in store.
They do what they must, though few have seen,
that no-one loves Peace more.

( © 2000 - "Future Folk" Music - Betty J. Curtis )