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I was new to the Road, when I met him there.
His eyes were gentle, and quiet, and deep,
but they looked at you with a lonely stare,
as if he had never known sleep.
And I asked him, "Oh - wayfarin' stranger,
if you've traveled this Road for long,
would you tell me about the dangers,
and where the turns are wrong ?"

When he smiled, it was like a blessing,
and his answer, a song it seemed -
"Oh the day is like a question,
and the night is like a stream,
but there is no place for restin'
and there is no time to dream."

We walked on together. Road stretched ahead.
We pondered Life, and Love, and Truth.
He was wise, and I listened to what he said,
while time, and the miles, trimmed youth.
His voice grew faint, and his pace grew slow.
When he vanished, I didn't know where.
But now, sometimes a breeze will blow,
and a whisper floats in the air.

It sounds like a Heavenly blessing,
and a rushing, as if of wings -
"Oh there is an answer to questions.
There is a merging of streams,
and a place of Peace, for restin',
and a harbor for all our dreams."

(Copyright 1994 - "Future Folk" Music-Betty Curtis)