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"What day are we today ?" That's what he used to say.
I knew he meant, "What is this thing called time ?"
"Who are we tonight ? Don't turn out the light.
We need the boundary, and we need the line.".

Falling out of Space, on a fluid race,
a droplet rolling down the window pane.
Froth upon the Wave, time can never save.
It turns to air, and can't be found again.

Love, at first, is born. Later on, it's worn.
Later yet, it's swimming like a fish.
Swimming with the tide,on an endless ride.
Captive of the Ocean's whim and wish.

"What day are we today ?" Whatever day you say.
Days are leaves adrift on Autumn wind.
"Who are we ?" we ask. Dreams that come, and pass,
ever flowing in and out again.

"What day are we today ?"
...the Day of on-our-way...

(©-2000-"Future Folk" Music-Betty Curtis)

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