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This lyric is dedicated to Dean Curtis, who is not forgotten.


The busy traffic of the street
is far away for now.
This is the soul's own moment sweet,
that calms the fevered brow.
Every lovely dream we've dreamed,
is flowing through the night,
like silver ripples on a stream,
or a flock in flight.
This is a moment out of Time,
window on Eternity,
where Spirit soothes the weary mind,
and sets the sorrow free.

This is a peaceful Wayside rest,
but not the Journey's end.
Here, we recall the ancient Quest,
and travel on again.
Life's long Procession moves this Way,
through wind, and rain, and sun.
We pause awhile, but cannot stay,
and always journey on.
There are moments out of Time,
windows on Eternity,
that soothe the weary heart and mind,
and set the sorrow free.

Oh fellow Pilgrim, understand,
let us share the Journey's Way.
We are the Spirit's faithful band,
and have our part to play.
The oldest wisdom of our kind,
are quiet eyes that see,
beyond the veil of mortal mind,
Windows on Eternity.
There are moments on the Way,
Windows on Eternity,
that teach us how to watch and pray,
and set the Spirit free.

( © 1994 - "Future Folk" Music - Betty Curtis )