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Good Morning , Lord ! It's another new day.
I'm going to try to live it Your Way.
I know my score's not a hundred percent,
but you know Lord, I've got good intent.
And I will be practicing day by day,
till I learn to live it Your Way.

Lord, in the noonday, I thank You because,
we can visit again in my lunchtime pause.
I try to get quiet for a minute or two,
to stop and peacefully listen to You.
Then it's back to work, earning my pay,
all part of living your Way.

Lord, in the evening, when I'm in my home,
like a weary traveler, too tired to roam.
I give thanks for my loved ones, gathering close.
I think it's the time we're sharing the most,
when we're all together, to close out the day,
trying to live life Your Way.

( Public Domain- free use "Future Folk" Music - Betty J. Curtis )