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Many a Troubadour has lived a story like this.
God bless them all !


He struggled hard to get there, out of poverty.
Youthful dreaming of a better life.
Like a birth in Nowhere, full of Destiny,
moving through the lonely days and nights.
He had to burn some bridges. Had to break some ties.
Yes, it hurt the heart a little while.
He conned a few with charm, wooed a few with lies,
and tied it all together with a smile.
It's called moving on. It's called hanging on.
It's called ambition, and it's called conceit.
It was years before he knew it, before the truth could dawn,
and he knew he was lost somewhere in deceit.
Heartache kept on growing underneath the load.
He was on the way to Wreckage on the Road.

A drink provided fire. A pill provided shine.
Stagelights and the band became the stream.
Days and nights of neon helped to make him blind.
It seemed that he was living out his dream.
Then fun began to fade. Friends began to drift.
No-one could decide if he still fit.
So, when he got angry, the slide was mighty swift,
and he was prime to take a ride on it.
In a dump somewhere in Dallas, thrown out of his palace,
without a drink or pill to be a friend,
he stared into the mirror. till it finally was clearer.
The face he saw had reached a lonely end.
He knew he needed help to lift the load,
and clean up all his wreckage on the Road.

Somehow he found an Angel, dressed up like a stranger,
who led him to a shelter through the storm.
When the tempest settled, and he was out of danger,
there was a love that waited, strong and warm.
Now he sings a new song. Now he's not alone.
Now he knows the Purpose of his life.
He's back on the Road. He knows it's leading Home.
He knows it's lit by Heaven day and night.
Sunlight and Starlight. Near light or far light,
on this Wayfarer's journey through the world,
Angels watch above us; sometimes coax or shove us,
bringing forth a diamond or a pearl.
They know how to help us lift our load,
and clean up trouble's wreckage on the Road -
when we feel like wreckage on the Road.

( © 2001 - "Future Folk" Music - Betty Curtis )

Traditional Folk