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WEBSITE NOTICE to be posted top of main page of RoadSong, and Songstar page. if I can no longer handle it.




This website : A Road Song, will be discontinued in 2 months due to __(explanation for why)_______ If there are any writings of Betty J. Curtis on here that you want to make copies of, please do so by that time.

Any items which are copyrighted. you may make copies for personal keepsake. However, there can be no commercial use for those items without arrangement with custodians, who may be contacted at this address: _______?_______

Any writings which are indicated as Public Domain are for free use. Betty J. Curtis, as author, has specified that status, and has made no copyright for them. Artists may use them without royalty claim by the author, but the writing remains in Public Domain. Artists may copyright their specific use of the writing but they cannot claim the ownership rights to the writing, it remains Public Domain.


Those with whom there are reciprocal links on here, will be notified by custodians, so they can remove their link to the site. If any of them see this notice, please contact custodians and advise they are aware and have removed their link. This will be greatly appreciated, to reduce the task of multi-notification,

We wish you well on your Journey.
Till we meet again on the Long Road,
Face the issues. Keep the Faith.