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There's a storm on the horizon,
and it's moving fast this way.
It's a storm to keep the eyes on,
It will shape the day.

I can see the high waves crashing.
I can hear the wind complain.
In the clouds there is a flashing,
behind a curtain made of rain.

I wonder if the Soldier is ready as he waits.
I wonder if the Teacher has warned before too late
I wonder if the Mother has called the children in ?
I wonder if the Father has secured against the wind ?

Birds are flying swiftly,
aided by the wind.
They know the signs and listen,
before the storm moves in.

The storm moves with persistence.
Thunder roars to warn.
It's time to make provision,
to weather out the storm.

I wonder if the Trucker is pulling off the road ?
I wonder if the Housewife has the windows closed ?
I wonder if the Farmer is harvesting the crop ?
I wonder if the Captain is heading for a port ?
I wonder if the Captain is heading for the port ?

Words by Betty J. Curtis- ASCAP
Music and vocal by J. Gale Kilgore BMI