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We ask Blessings on our shelter.
Blessings on these comforting walls,
and the roof above that shields us,
from summer heat, and winter snowfall.

We ask Blessings for our haven,
from the trouble and threat of the street.
Like the comfort of mothering arms,
these walls give us a safe place to meet.

We ask Blessings for our refuge.
Blessings for these sheltering walls.
We gather together here within You,
when the lonely darkness falls.

Thanks for rest when we are weary.
Thanks for a safe place to be with friends.
and our home, like a hollow in the hurry,
when the long day's wandering ends.

Bless this shelter that protects us,
from the cold, the wind, and rain.
Bless these simple cots we lie on,
when our bodies are tired and in pain.

Blessings on those who come here caring,
though they wander all alone.
We gather in this haven we're sharing.
Our fellowship makes it a Home.

(© 2003 - "Future Folk" Music - Betty J. Curtis )