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He told his folks. when he was young.
"I've got songs I haven't sung;
things to do I haven't done;
places to go I've never been.
Gotta go find my Someday-When.

There's miles that I have yet to cover;
kisses for an unmet lover;
dreams I've got to help begin,
on my way to Someday-When".

That's what he said when he was young,
full of dreams and songs unsung.
He hit the Road with eager yearning,
starting out on a lifetime Journey.
Like a promise on the wind,
on the way to Someday-When.

He sang his songs and heard the crowd,
shouting his name and clapping loud.
He lived his years,in fame's bright light,
and roamed the halls of neon night.

The world knew his name and sang his song.
He wore his fame, and traveled long.
Till he heard a Call on the Road ahead,
and saw the Light to which it led.

Now he's gone to roam among,
the Angels, learning songs unsung;
helping others with that old yearning,
find their way through a lifetime's Journey,
like a promise on the wind,
on the way to Someday-When.
That shining land of Someday-When .

( © 2003 - "Future Folk" Music - Betty J. Curtis )