We face a rapidly changing world today. Sometimes we feel uncertain about the future. The future is always our "Movable Frontier". The following is part of a true story about a Huguenot couple, who lived in rapidly changing times also. In 1652, they came to the (then) New World. They had six sons, and helped build the "new world". They moved into their uncertain future, and worked to make it a 'new beginning'. This is what we will do also - each bringing our gift.


It's night. You're standing alone on the deck of a small Dutch ship. Others are sleeping. You couldn't sleep, so you've come out of the crowded cabin for some fresh air. And for some time you are alone with your thoughts. It's quiet - except for creaking, rocking, and the sound of slapping waves. You hear all those keenly.

You're mid-ocean. No land in sight in any direction. You don't dare think of how minimal the support of this old ship is. You do think it's like being in a vacuum between Past and Future. You've made your choice. Where you are now is out of your hands. You run through a mental album of friends and family, reduced by confiscation of property, and long threat of hostility. Your once familiar world is no more. You can't go back. You don't really know what you're moving toward. Your only choice is accept the results of your choice. You must turn your face forward, toward the new horizon, and follow the thread of a meager plan.

So - you turn, and return to the crowded cabin, having gathered yourself in resolve to follow the only meager plan you can have - colonize. Your wife, who has accepted the uncertainties, even as you have, is sleeping quietly. You know she has the courage to be a true help-mate.

You think you will name your sons after those other colonizers
- Abraham - Jacob - Isaac ...

What the early settlers of this country did called for bravery of a quiet, enduring sort, and character of high order. Not inhuman capacity, but the best of human capacity and Faith. In some ways, it was more daring than colonizing the Moon would be today. There was no technology to keep track of your journey, or send help if needed. There was no hero's send-off, or welcome. No glory, and no security but Faith and endurance. It took great courage, and great Faith. This is what is meant by "Faith Of Our Fathers" - It was a Journey of Faith, a good example for us all.