Praise God from Whom all Blessings flow.

Praise Him all creatures here below.

Praise Him on High, ye Heavenly Hosts.

Praise Father, Mother, Son, and Holy Ghost.

And Peace be multiplied unto you,

Wayfarer Friend.


Lord, Your love is like a light,
through the shadows of the night,
and when the cloudy dawn appears,
still I feel You near.

Lord, Your caring touch is calm,
and Your tenderness is warm.
Yet, Your power makes me strong,
when troubles come along.

What other heart would faithfully
see past the many flaws in me?
What other love would still be there,
when all my wrongs are bared ?

Yet, You never hesitate
to chasten when I've gone astray.
I sense Your frowning from above,
but know it is Your caring love.

Faithful to the very end,
You are no fair-weather friend,
to vanish when I've spent my best,
and shadows cloud the rest.

Whatever shining lights I see,
none can be more dear to me,
than when,in darkened Wayside Camp,
You come searching with Love's lamp.

May I remain Your staunch ally,
though many may believe the lie.
May I too be Your faithful friend,
to the very end.

Public Domain