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The question of a youth, to an Old Man on the Road -
"Old Man, what is truth ? When do we shed this load" ?
The Old Man paused awhile.
What answer could he bring ?
At last he sighed and smiled,
and then began to sing.

Having come this far, don't look back too long.
Take stock of where you are. Sing your favorite song.
Make a prayerful pause,to remember loved ones known,
but having come this far, don't look back too long.

Summer breezes. Winter snows.
The old world turns. The new one grows.
Ages pass on down the line.
Sages sing the gold of Time.

Move on down the Road. Welcome your tomorrow.
You bear a precious load. Don't carry it in sorrow.
Do the best you know. You know what's right or wrong.
Down the Road we go. We can't look back too long.

No more pain, and no more tears.
The promised rain, calls down the years.
The load is less, when the back grows strong.
Take time to bless, but don't look back too long.

Greet the light each day. Sing of where you are.
Watch the children play. Watch the Evening Star.
Anywhere we are, may be where we belong.
Having come this far, don't look back too long.

A King without a royal Court.
A ship without a final port.
A gift that's offered in this song,
Walk On - and don't look back too long.

Sendaverse - free use - compliments of "Future Folk" Music 2000