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The links grid below offers links to Public Domain SENDAVERSE verses. All verses are original verses written by Betty J. Curtis, and offered as Public Domain by her. You may freely use these to exchange with friends. Composers/Performers may freely compose music for them,and use for public performance. However, they are to remain Public Domain.

For personal sharing, we have centered the text so that you may print-out on decorative paper with framed border. Such supplies can be purchased at any office supply or stationery counter in department stores. Such print-outs, suitable for framing, make excellent personal gifts for friends and family. Although we have special backgrounds on some pages, background does not print-out, and by leaving our form basic, you have choice of how you want it to be adorned.

For musical adaptation and performance,each performer may compose and perform in individual music form, as the Old Troubadours once did. Troubadour lyrics were circulated freely, and any Troubadour was free to render their individual version of musical accompaniment. We ask only that you retain words and implicit meaning as offered here, and use a musical form that is true to lyrics' theme. Please send us copies of your version, if you can. This is not compulsory, but we would really like to hear many individual versions ! If using in any commercial product you can simply identify as: Verse (title)Public Domain - Compliments of "Future Folk" Music (date).

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PLEASE NOTE:To ensure that no-one can dispute your right to freely use these verses, when you print out the page you will have a statement at page bottom that this free use is granted by "Future Folk" Music. Also, at bottom of your printed page the date of print-out should appear, at least so far as I know this is automatically included by most printers. If not on your paper, hand-date it, and keep this printed paper in your records.

The next link leads to a free-use Public Domain lyric.This is relevant to the troubles of our times, and our need to affirm our Faith in the Future by how we live our daily lives. Feel free to print it out and use as you choose.


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