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We welcome a wide variety of Links, so long as they represent creative and constructive activities; and are not negatively extreme or offensive. We welcome both those who choose established "Roads", and new "Groundbreakers", who travel the byways, and blaze the Trail to self-determined methods for handling their own careers.

"Future Folk" Music assumes no responsibilities or guarantees regarding facilities reached via these Links, other than "Future Folk" Music. These are all individual and separate in their focus. We intermingle as Wayfarers. Before you assess all this as a strange mix, use the Link below, and you will have a different view of our world than your familiar environment might offer.(Betty Curtis)

As this link was entered here in 2000
the statistics may be some different in 2007
but we don't have an update. Please allow for that fact.
A Global View

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Looking for a school providing full
course recording Arts and Sciences ?
Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences

Mike Lopez
Country Music Planet Country Interviews
My Kind Of Country WSM RADIO & GRAND OLE OPRY A Road Song
CD Mastering Vicki Lee
Country Artist
Nanjo's Medicine Show
Music Biz Master Mike Lopez
Herbie Meeks
On Front Porch
"Future Folk" e-Library Country Bear Radio Indian Creek Trading Post
Country Grapevine Independant Country Music News Opry North
Traditional Music Soc.
Screenwriter's ServicesSo Musical!
The Definitive Music Directory
Special Angel Band * * * Front Porch
Country Band
* * * TAXI artists aidRecording Connection
Audio Recording Center Andrew Dean
(Recording Artist)
Night Sky Records
* * * TIAC RADIO Remembering Patsy Cline
Elmer Baker
MP3 Site*
Texas Songwriter
J. Gale Kilgore
T-Shirt Printing, Clothing, Gifts

A Recording Studio for Songwriters and aspiring Artists with the latest State-of-the-Art Digital equipment. An Award Winning web page with a wealth of free information and advice for Songwriters and Vocalists trying to break into the Music Industry presented in a very "down to earth" and straight-forward way.

Up to date
by a Professional Screenwriter
Screen Writers' Q & A
by Esther Luttrell

A great little Independent Film

Media Buying Agency
Space & Time online media planning and buying;
expertise in PPC, SMS, email, trusted feeds,
and CD / DVD advertising.

Hip Hop Samples
ModernBeats.com offers hip hop samples,
music contests, music production guides,
and music contracts for modern musicians.

The origin of the Brazilian martial arts-dance form known as
Capoeira is the subject of heated debate. There are those who
adhere to the belief that Capoeira originated in Africa and was
transported along with slaves when they were brought to Brazil.
Many provided evidence of a ritual fight/dance called N'golo from
Southern Angola as proof that it did exist in martial form before
it reached Brazil.
Capoeira Training
Discription:-LearnCapoeira.com -- the world's top resource
on Capoeria training, tutorials, and videos. Upload your own
videos and join the community of Capoeria beginners, experts,
and instructors who are here to teach and learn Capoeria along
with you.

Wide range of CD and DVD duplication packages.
VisitDisc Wizards for lots of packaging options and prices.
UK's lowest priced Optical Disc Replication and CD duplication.
Widest choice of packaging for your
CD duplication and DVD replication, London UK.

Oakley and many
other Designer Sunglasses on Sale
Oakley Sunglasses

Cards for Causes
Business Holiday, Christmas Cards
Corporate Greeting Cards for Causes
Cards for Causes

Looking for Holiday Greeting Cards for Business or Corporate use?
is the Premier resource for Business Greeting Cards
including Holiday themes.
Cards can be personalized and previewed right on our site.
Most orders ship in 2-3 business days.

Discount Christmas Cards
Premier Holiday Cards has a great selection of high quality
Christmas and Holiday cards for families and businesses
at low prices. Personalize and preview cards right on our web site.

John Rogers was looking for a timeline,
some confirmation of where we are on
the journey that had a beginning and is now,
to all appearances,coming to a conclusion.
Read about it in his New Book.
The Last Hour Of Revelations


Journey OF Faith Conviction of Faith Church - Leading People to Christ Guideposts
Love This Site International Ministries Crosswalk
Chapel On Line Unity World Hdqs Guiding Light Videos
Campus Crusade for Christ International Blue Mountain Steward's Prayer
STRANGE JOURNEY free e-bookNew Jerusalem Music* * *
* * * Karl Kohlhase
Christian Contemporary
* * *
* * * ******

Regarding links to artists:

Please Note

All links that lead to other sites,
lead to independant sites.
They are not affiliated with "Future Folk"
Music or RoadSong in any business way.
Dealings with them are berween you and them.


Think about it !

Wouldn't you love to be able to say you owned one of the first records cut by Elvis, Sinatra, Patsy Cline, Hank Williams,or any great musical star ? Explore our "New Stars and Legends"sites.Buy some of these artists' releases. You may someday find you have a real collectable !

Pamela Anton Vicki Leigh Jerry Mac
Bacon Brothers Common Ground Hoyt Hughes
Debbie Elam Keith Bryant Mike Lopez
Narvel Felts Mike Lopez
Jack and Misty
Tecia McKenna Ben Krahne Vicki Lee
Joe Tinoco Debbie Miles * * *
Roni StonemanTerri Lynn Bobby Cage
Sylvia Donnie Wallace Johnny Rodriguez
Brian Clayton * * * ***


Info on Music Biz So Musical!
The Definitive Music Directory
Reciprocal Link
Christian Link Exchange Submit Free Web Resources
J. Gale Kilgore
Add Me Site Design
Screenwriter's Services Bravenet MUSIC U
music biz info
Record Labels INFO Music Producers INFO Songwriting INFO


Child Alert Foundation (CAF)Early alert for missing children
Angel House Foundation -Breaking the cycle of abuse.
Country Sings Out For Child Protection-Songs for childrens'aid.


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