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Out of darkness - I heard a song -
a song of the longing of Earth.
Wind from the Sea bore it along.
Wind from the Mountain sang of New Birth.

Out of darkness - I heard it rise -
sweeping the clouds away.
Rising in faith, it soared through the skies -
to summon the dawning of Day.

It was the people, singing their hope,
lifting their hearts to the sky.
Soaring in height - and widening in scope -
joined by Angelic reply !

Out of darkness - only a spark -
of a few faithful souls can begin -
parting the clouds, and filling the dark -
with a song of Beginning-again.

Out of darkness - a New Day will come -
touching the mist with light.
A brilliance of many colors will run -
dissolving the shadows of Night.

It is a glory that lives in the heart !
It is a longing that sings in the soul !
Joined by an answering Heavenly Art,
it heals, and restores, and makes whole !
It starts with a song in the dark.

Sendaverse - free use - compliments of "Future Folk" Music 2000