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Sweet abandoned dreams,
lay on the doorstep of Time,
like a fragile Babe, asleep,
tiny , and too weak to shine.

Colorful, bright visions,
without the strength to last,
hang on the future's window,
sparkling like Suncatcher glass.

Until Love opens the door,
to give the Babe a home.
Till the Suncatcher longs for more,
and catches a ray of the Sun.

Then arise many bright dreams,
along the Road of Time.
From the rescued Babe, they stream,
because someone thought to be kind.

Many bright visions will start,
and blessings adorn the days,
because once a Suncatcher Heart,
made a picture with sunlight Rays.

Because Love opened the door,
for a little Baby wraith,
and a Suncatcher Heart once wore,
light of the Sun's bright Rays.

Sendaverse - free use - compliments of "Future Folk" Music 2000