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Sometimes we encounter people who belittle artists,writers,poets, and musicians, as dreamers, making no real contribution to Life. Such judgement overlooks the value of cultural contributions.Now there are radicals at both ends of this, and sometimes what is called an 'art form' is only iconoclastic display. This is not the constructive type culture to which we here refer.

Cultural contributions are very important for motivation, and a finer sense of values. They are not all of Life, nor do they supply all needs. But they have their place. We miss much that makes our life more meaningful, if we cannot share cultural contributions.

Some people today focus on 'physical survival at any cost'.I've worked in a hospital,and I'll tell you something I know from actual experience. You can prolong the life of the body, but if the heart has no hope, and the mind no purpose, you've created a living hell.

Hope for the heart, and Purpose for the mind, is what cultural contributers, and Spiritual Sages, work to provide. We need them ! If you teach your children just to survive physically at any cost, and to dismiss all cultural representatives as unnecessary, they may survive at the cost of all that gave life meaning. One day, a sad, hollow call may come - "Okay, I survived ! What for ?!"

You'd better hope that someone has worked to offer some answers for that !


Down through the ages, wise ones of all stations in life have recognized the value of cultural contribution. Here's a handed-down story to illustrate.


It is told that Pericles, Emperor of Athens, had a banquet for his Officers, on the eve of an important battle. One at a time, the honored warriors raised their goblets to offer a toast to the promise of tomorrow's victory.

Among those attending, was the Court Poet, invited by Pericles also. When it passed to the Poet to offer a toast, he stated that he felt rather out of place among all those brave men. He offered a simple toast, probably to their safe return.

After all had drank to the toast, Pericles rose again, and proposed a toast to the Poet - saying- "There is no more noble man at this table than you, our poet friend. Yes, we go forth to battle tomorrow. Whether we win or lose, we will suffer some loss. When we return, it is you who must give us a reason to begin again."

If you are planning for survival of extreme conditions, include at least one member with a guitar and songbook. It may sound like a small thing, but it might make a big difference.

Think about it.

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