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In the night,by the Poet's lamp,
the Soul writes out its song.
In the night, in a wilderness camp,
the Singer sings along.
Through the flow of Change, Ages parade.
Stars look down, and fences fade.
The Soul will hear, with sensitive ear,
the message and the call-
of the Spirit within us all.

In the joy of Sunrise, children sing,
voices calm on the wind.
Song wells up from an ancient Spring,
flowing from friend to friend.
When Eagles sing, and Doves are heard,
and the April wind is clean,
the flame in the heart will softly burn.
Hills will shine cool and green.

The Poet's lamp will still glow on,
and Troubadours walk the Way -
carrying Spirit's Timeless Song,
through the Night and through the Day.
The Poet's lamp will light the dark.
The Song will flow like the song of the lark.
Days will be lit with a Sun of peace -
and the best in us will be freed.
The best in us will be free.

Sendaverse - free use - compliments of "Future Folk" Music 2000