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We are located in the High Mojave Desert of Southern California. Our specialty is providing original song lyrics for composers, and performers. Some of our lyrics are offered as Public Domain free use. These are on pages titled "Sendaverse" and "Songstar". If they are free verses it will say so at bottom of the verse page. As you print the page that will show it is a free verse.
The pages titled "Songmaker Salon" and "Lyric Supply" have song lyrics for which we are seeking collaboraters.

The copyrighted lyrics are lyrics for which we seek composers who want to work with us to create a completed song. For these we negotiate agreements which best suit the situation of the collaborator. We like to help new talent, or those who don't yet have connections and funds to afford great expense.

Our dedication is to the Troubadour, who we believe is a very important contributor to their times. All through history, they act as the "voice of the people", through folk songs handed down, and very current expression of experiences of their specific time period. They keep us in touch with each other beyond our differences, because they sing about the experiences we all share.

We offer free e-books whch explain about our dedication to the "Timeless Troubadour", who moves through time as a figure we all know in some form, though the name varies. Below - you will find links to these materials. No links entered on this site are commercial in nature. They are links to free verses, and free e-books about our dedication.